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We offer you the short - and long term lease of the Locomotives SIEMENS and ŠKODA


We are operating the VECTRON MS X4 locomotive type (our marking 193). Locomotive has its origin in well-proven Eurosprinter series. It is the multisystem locomotive for the european AC and DC traction systems. The loco is equipped with the most advanced propulsion technologies for the universal locos of the highest power class. This Vectron MS X4 (193) is for the traction systems AC 25 kV 50 Hz, 15 kV 167Hz and DC 3kV and 1,5 kV designed. The highest traction effort is 6,4 MW and its maximal speed is 160 km/h.

You can operate with with it on the infrastructures in CZ, SK, D, A, HU, TR, PL

The homologation proces is in proceed in RO.

The loco is with the following interlocking systems equipped: ETCS, Mirel, SHP, PZB/LZB.

Quantity of locos: 4 – 193 220, 193 221, 193 222, 193 823



Locomotive 242 558 - ALFA

Locomotive 242 558 - ALFA

We offer the short- and long time lease oft he loco type 242 (73E3)

This loco is for the traction system AC 25 kV 50 Hz designed. You can operate the loco on the Czech and Slovak as well as Hungarian infrastructure. Its equipped with Mirel Interlocking system.

Traction effort: 3080 kW

Maximal speed: 120 km/h

Whole Marking: SK LTEU 91 56 6242 558-5


We are also the personal agency. Our staff are the machine drivers, waggon inspectors and car pullers, which can be deliver on your request.